“YOU CAN, IT MAY BE, LEAD ME TO WHAT I SEEK…”  (W. B. Yeats), 2005 

for Dimensions Variable; Site-Fixed
Cambridge Arts Council — Cambridge, MA 

 Curated by Mary Sherman

Mixed-media Installation: Blue tarp, plumbobs, sheet metal, copper, 2 portable dvd players with video and audio.
8 ft. x 6 ft. x 4 ft.

You can, it may be, lead me to what I seek……” quotes a character in search of the Fountain of Youth in William Butler Yeats’ play, At the Hawk’s Well. Pendulums, sometimes uses as a dowser’s tool, are embedded with monitors playing a video of a dowser searching for water interspersed with a Japanese tea master performing rituals related to water.   The folding and unfolding of the tea ceremony cloth seen in the videos is cross-referenced on the wall with a blue tarp—a cue used in the set design directions of Yeats’ play as an indicator for the dried up well purported to contain waters of immortality.