Magician, 2014-17

In the dedication ceremony for the completion of the NYC aqueduct system, the chief engineer was referred to as a magician for the accomplishment of this major engineering feat was considered nothing short of remarkable - and magical.

What Else Is There? 2004

What Else Is There? is a short visual poem/video inspired by William Butler Yeats’ play, At the Hawk’s Well, one of Yeats’ Four Plays for Dancers based on the structure of Noh drama of Japan. This video overlays water-related rituals in the tea ceremony of Japan with the ritualistic art of dowsing in the search for water and an intimate exchange of stories about water between two elderly women.

 Zhujiajiao River Poems, 2014

Zhujiajiao River Poems was created for a solo exhibition while in residence at the Zendai Zhujiajiao Art Museum in Zhujiajiao, a 1,700 year-old water town.  Living and working in a Ming Dynasty building along the Cao Gong River with all the overlays of both ancient history and contemporary life offered a unique experience for a newcomer to China and rare opportunity to observe its relationship to its water and its rivers.