A site-specific / mixed-media installation for Memorabilia
Goliath Visual Space — Brooklyn, New York 

Curated by Mayumi Hayashi

 Mixed-media Installation: pipes, sheet metal, video, venting duct, electric light bulb.
9 ft. x 20 ft. x 12 ft.

Inspired by the “mapping” of gas-lines buried under the street with what appears to the uneducated eye as cryptic street graffiti, I worked with a Con Edison gas employer to map the gas lines buried under the gallery’s floor. At the same time, gas lines going across the gallery’s ceiling were mirrored with pipes running across the floor.  Further blurring the lines between what was actually in the site and what was my intervention, I built a steel box covering one of the gallery windows and installed a rear-projected video in the portal.  Exploring possibilities of what might be “sighted” or imagined as “sighted” through its windows- the video allowed the viewer a “sighting” of a ball which looked like a solarized sun moving through what appeared to be clouds that then became currents of water.