RIVER FUGUES, 2007-2008

Mixed-Media Installation for Melting Ice / A Hot Topic exhibition
Exhibition Venues:
BOZAR | Brussels, Belgium, 2007
Ministry of Culture | Monaco, 2008
The Field Museum | Chicago, Illinois, 2008

Curated by Randy Jayne Rosenberg

Mixed-media installation: 10’H x 40’L x 20’D.

Installation includes: video, audio, 24” diameter spiral steel pipes and fittings, 24” diameter translucent plastic pipe with steel fittings. Two rear-projected 12 min. video loops, one in plastic pipe and the other in standing steel pipe.

Art Works for Change was curated by Randy Jayne Rosenberg who asked 40 artists from around the world to explore the many aspects and meanings of climate change for the Melting Ice / A Hot Topic exhibition.

Participating Artists:

Alfio Bonano – Denmark; Ana Prvacki – Serbia; Andrea Polli – US; Angela Lergo – Spain; Anne Senstad – Norway; Cecilia Paredes – Peru; Chris Jordan – US; Dalibar Martinis – Croatia; David and Hi-Jin Hodge – US & Korea; David Buckland- UK; David Nash – Wales; David Trubridge – New Zealand; Era and Don Farnsworth – US; Fred Ivar Ultsi Klemetsen – Norway; Free Range Studio – US; Gary Hume – UK; Gilles Mingasson – France; Helen and Newton Harrison – US; Ichi Ikeda – Japan; The Icelandic Love Corporation – Iceland; Ives Maes — Belgium; Jacob McKean – US; Jonas Liveröd – Sweden; Justin Young – US; Kahn Selesnick – England; Laura Horelli – Finland; Lucy & Jorge Orta – England & Argentina; Margaret Cogswell- US; Mona Hatoum – Lebanon; Philippe Pastor – Monaco; Queen Sonja of Norway; Robert Bateman – Canada; Sant Khalsa – US; Shana and Robert ParkeHarrison – US; Sebastian Copeland – US; Siobhan Davies-UK; Strijdom van der Merwe – South Africa; Subhankar Banerjee – India & US; Sven Pahlsson-Norway; Sveln Flygari Johansen – Norway; Theo Wujcik – US; Xavier Cortada – US; Yoshiaki Kaihatsu – Japan