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Cuyahoga Fugues Revisited 2012

The Genesis of RIVER FUGUES

Margaret Cogswell’s RIVER FUGUES began in 2003 through explorations of the Cuyahoga River and steel mills while in residence at SPACES Gallery’s World Artists’ Program in Cleveland, Ohio. In January 2012, Cogswell returned to SPACES for a residency celebrating the 10th anniversary SPACES World Artists Program which culminated in an exhibition from February through March 2012. During her residency she brought together people who participated in the making of the first Cuyahoga Fugues in 2003 for a public conversation at the opening of Cuyahoga Fugues Revisited on February 3, 2012.

Cogswell’s Cuyahoga Fugues Revisited exhibition at SPACES included video documentation from each of her ensuing River Fugues projects, as well as a new mixed-media installation. Video documentations included Hudson Weather Fugues (2005), Buffalo River Fugues (2006), River Fugues (Brussels, Belgium; Monaco; Chicago Field Museum; Hope College, Holland, MI, 2007-09), Hudson River Fugues (Tang Museum, Saratoga Springs, NY, 2009-2010) and Mississippi River Fugues (Art Museum, Memphis, Tennessee 2008).