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Mississippi River Fugues

Mississippi River Fugues had its debut at the Art Museum of the University (AMUM) of Memphis in Fall 2008 and is an ongoing project being researched and developed for other sites along the expansive length of the Mississippi River.

Created over a period of three years with AMUM’s support, Mississippi River Fugues evokes the complex relationships among the natural environment of American rivers, regional economies and people’s lives. Cogswell’s works are the result of lengthy research which, in the case of Mississippi River Fugues , required many visits to meet and interview farmers, ecologists, engineers, riverboat captains, cotton ginners and brokers, local historians, writers and musicians, among others. Through these people, she was able to see, hear, record and understand intimate and sweeping aspects of the lower Mississippi River and the region. These processes continue to be employed as Cogswell researches other areas with different histories related to and impacted by the great Mississippi River.