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You Can, It May Be, Lead Me To What I Seek...

Dimensions Variable; Site-Fixed
Cambridge Arts Council
Cambridge, MA

“You Can, It May Be, Lead Me To What I Seek….”* is a manifestation of long-term investigations into the physical and metaphorical significance of water in our lives. These investigations began with the discovery of W. B. Yeats’ play, "At the Hawk’s Well", which explores the longing for immortality from sacred springs and is inspired by the traditional Noh drama of Japan. The folding and refolding of a cloth into different configurations is an integral part of the formal Japanese Tea Ceremony as well as traditional Noh drama. Within Yeats’ play, a large folded cloth references a well purported to contain the divine waters of immortality.

"At the Hawk’s Well" is a point of departure for the development of a series of public art installations which visually explore myths and rituals surrounding water. A folded blue tarp adhered to a wall over the text “You Can, It May Be, Lead Me To What I Seek….”* suggests the illusive presence of the sacred waters which the divining pendulums may be in search of. Each pendulum is, in turn, embedded with DVD monitors playing a video created from dowsing and tea ceremony rituals woven together.

The installation in this exhibition represents a prototype for a large-scale public art project.

* W.B. YEATS, "At The Hawk’s Well"

Site dimensions: 10' H x 6'w x 4'D
Materials: cooper, bronze, steel and cooper wire, dvd players, bronze plumb bobs, blue plastic tarp, vinyl wall text
Dimensions: pendulum #1= 8" diameter x 3' L; pendulum #2= 13" diameter x 2' L; pendulum #3= 16" diameter x 4 ' L; dvd screen = 4' x 6 1/2"