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Hudson Weather Fugues

Site-Specific Installation for
Meteorologic Phenomena
Glyndor Gallery, Wave Hill
Bronx, NY

Installed in the gallery’s windows overlooking the Hudson River, Hudson Weather Fugues again used the musical structure of a fugue to weave together video images of the Hudson along with audio narratives related to weather and reflections on the Hudson River recorded from fishermen, boat captains, light house keepers, climate historians, and the Hudson River Almanac (complied by the Hudson River Estuary Program of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation).

Respecting Wave Hills’ architecture and landscape, this installation layered the view from the window with a video projection onto two glass panes in two of the three sets of windows. Shutters, custom-made for each set of the windows, housed speakers from which the narratives accompanying the video emerged. Noting that “to check the weather” one usually goes to the window, benches were placed in front of each window to lure the viewer to linger, look out at the layered landscape (video images on window panes layered over river landscape beyond the glass) and “eaves drop” on the river’s weather stories emerging from the shutters. The third window, though treated visually the same, had no video or audio intervention. The viewer, in anticipation of someone else's narratives, instead fills the silence with his/her own stories while visually exploring the landscape and river beyond.

Site dimensions:gallery space- 14' ceilings x 30' x 20' || window casings- 7' h x 4' W x 2'D

Materials: custom-made window shutters with audio speakers inside; benches, video projectors, dvd players; plexi-glass video screen inserted over window panes.

Installation dimensions: 3 windows with video projections on two panes of two windows with each pane = 17" x 12"; video image size =17" x 24"; 3 benches = 28" H x 20" W x 30' L; 6 window shutters = 81" H x 24" W x 6" D