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Zhujiajaio River Poems

Zhujiajiao River Poems is a solo exhibition comprised of a series of new video and works on paper created in 2014 during a two-month residency at Zendai Art Museum in the 1,700 year-old water town of Zhujiajiao, China. This exhibition also includes video and drawings from Ashokan Fugues, as well as, selected documentary videos of previous River Fugues projects.

As a newcomer to China, Cogswell looked for links to China’s history and culture through details as seen in objects, food, music and movements in daily life. Working in her Zhujiajiao studio along the Caogang River, she began to notice the relationship between reoccurring movements in different activities such as the rowing of the boats, the movement of a Taiji master’s hands as he practices his art, the harvesting of snails, and the movement of the water as a boat passes. Viewing life on the river through fragmented Ming dynasty window frames, these frames became a kind of lens through which the details came together to inform and frame a new series of works-on-paper, as well as, a new video, Zhujiajiao River Poems.

Water Soundings becomes part of an ongoing series of River Fugues projects created on different rivers throughout the United States since 2003. All River Fugues are research-based projects and use the musical structure of the fugue to weave together video and audio components in the forming of mixed-media installations. Often poignant elegies, these works explore the interdependency between the life of rivers, people, and industries.

Water Soundings was featured in a full page spread article in the Global Times.
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Web video documents exhibition and includes short clip from Zhujiajiao River Poems which, in full, runs 13 minutes.