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Douglas Max Utter

Making the Wind, Elements @ SPACES
angle A JOURNAL OF ARTS+CULTURE, VO. 1 No. 4 June 2003, page 17

".......A fugue is an interweaving of repetitive themes and structural features, a catís cradle of sound suspended between two or more musical thoughts. Cuyahoga Fugues is a deceptively simple installation of large duct work and video projections by New Yorker and SPACES World Artist Program resident Margaret Cogswell. In the always factory-like gallery at the rear of SPACES Cogswell has brought together thoughts about the constant revisions of the winding Cuyahoga river, and the mythic interiors of steel mills. She visited a surviving blast furnace in the Flats during recent winter months and was overwhelmed by the heat and elemental grandeur she encountered.

In one place she also thought she heard something singing above the roar of the flames. Asked about this, her guide replied, "This is where we make the wind." He explained that "wind" in mill parlance is the air brought in to feed the furnace through a system of pipes. In her installation, Cogswell includes a recording of mill sounds, among which the high notes of the "wind" can be heard clearly at times. It seems like the voice of something like a soul, one that can be heard here and throughout the galleries and works at SPACES."