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Christopher B. Bedford

Artists Rethink Our Interaction with Nature
Arts & Life, The Plain Dealer, Friday, June 6, 2003, Section E, p.E8

".......Cuyahoga Fugues, a site-specific installation by Margaret Cogswell, is the most accomplished work. The New York-based artist has transformed her section of the gallery into an eerie industrial chamber that explores the complex interdependence of man, industry and the Cuyahoga River.
Two enormous galvanized steel pipes divide the space. Through the Plexiglas portal of one pipe, we see and hear digital film that captures the fiery imagery and windy harmonics of a working steel mill at night. The portal also plays scenes of a mournful, deserted steel mill, more like a graveyard than a center of production.

Glittering images of the silver Cuyahoga in the dead of winter are projected through a 24-inch steel and Plexiglas pipe at the other end of the gallery. These are interspersed with scenes of a fisherman who has dropped a line through a hole in the ice. With neither sentimentality nor irony, Cogswell records poignantly the mythic character of the Cuyahoga as a natural phenomenon that both sustains and outlives human endeavor."